Trail Tuesday: Iowa Great Lakes

By Taylor on November 11, 2014 in Trail Features

Every Tuesday, look for a new featured trail story on our blog – part of our new “Trail Tuesday” series. This will be a way for you to learn about all the different trails we have to offer on our Iowa By Trail app. If you like what you read you can download the app and go explore! For any questions on these trails, email Tuesday - Iowa Great Lakes Trail

This week’s featured trail is the Iowa Great Lakes.

This 25-mile trail is located through the Iowa Great Lakes region, which offers Iowans the opportunity to swim in our blue lakes and sandy beaches.The “spine” of the system is a 14-mile, ten-foot wide, hard-surface trail that accommodates two-way recreational traffic. Connecting to the spine trail are several other shorter trails to explore, including the Kenue Park Trail, Arnolds Park City Trail and Spirit Lake City trail.

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