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Add a Trail

Is there a trail that's not listed?

Iowa is full of amazing trails that are vital to communities and great opportunities for recreation. If you know of a trail that isn't included on this site but should be, please fill out the form below to begin the process of adding a trail to the Iowa By Trail app and website.

Have questions? Contact Joe Jayjack at or 515-288-1846.

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Trail Information

Please enter basic information about the trail itself. All fields are required. If you have questions about any of the required information, please contact Kerri Sorrell at or 515-288-1846, ext. 24.

Trail Manager

Please include contact information for all trail managers.
*If trail is managed by more than one person or entity, please include contact information for all managers.

Polk County Conservation
P: 515-555-5555

Trail points of interest (POIs)

On our trail maps, we include "Points of Interest": attractions or stops that trail users might want to visit. These are often restaurants, natural areas, bathrooms and museums, among other attractions. Please provide us a list of stops you're aware of along the trail — either in the text box below, or in an attached document.

Trail map

Please provide us either a KML file of the trail line or a detailed PDF map of the trail.

Trail photos

Please upload any photos of the trail you would like featured on the app and website.

Contact information

Please provide contact information for the person filling out this form, or for the person who can answer questions about this submission.