Trail Tuesday: Chichaqua Valley Trail

By Taylor on October 28, 2014 in Trail Features

Every Tuesday, look for a new featured trail story on our blog – part of our new “Trail Tuesday” series. This will be a way for you to learn about all the different trails we have to offer on our Iowa By Trail app. If you like what you read you can download the app and go explore! For any questions on these trails, email Tuesday - Chichaqua Valley Trail

This week's featured trail is Chichaqua Valley Trail.

This 20-mile segment is a branch off of a 110-mile loop that crosses the forested banks and timbered bluffs of the Skunk River. The river got this particular name because local pioneers interpreted the Native American word, “Chichaqua” to mean “skunk.” The word actually refers to the odor of the wild onions that once grew along the river’s banks.

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